Posted by: searchafrica | October 20, 2010


This shocks like naked wire under the rain! it would be recalled that the last

Kunle Afolayan during His movie premiere in Atlanta

time Kunle Afolayan, the   producer of Figurine,was interviewd by one of our reporters recently in Lagos, he told us that he shot his film with N50 million but our recent investigation reveals that this Yoruba boy shot the movie with less than N5 million unlike what he claimed. This discovery was made recently when one of the members of ANCORP’ board of trustees, Chris Ikejimbe declared that people shouldn’t be carried away by what Kunle Afolayan has said in the media about the amount used in making his latest flick, Figurine. The good news we later discovered is that so far the movie has grossed over 25 million in Silverbird Cinema alone! During the first premier, the movie generated 15 million while at the second it grossed 10 million. So if what Mr. Ikejimbe said is true, that means Kunle Afolayan has made N20 million profits in Silverbird Cinemas alone and the movie is still being premiered outside Nigeria.


All we would continue to plead to our Nigerian producer to stop feeding the public with fake information of this sort, for good record purposes


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