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Hon Ajoke Adeniyi Adegeye

Not many will have the faintest  idea that king Sunny Ade has a politician wife, who is one of the five female law makers in the Lagos state House of Assembly. In this interview with Society Editor Titilope Adeniregun, she talks about her relationship with KSA and her certificate forgery.

Its truly revealing and entertaining, come on board

Women are considered to be the weaker vessels in this part of the world, especially when it comes to politics, can you tell us how you’ve been coping in the men’s world as a member of the House of Assembly?

I want to tell you that as an honorable and a woman, I don’t see it as a challenge at all because I believe in the saying that what a man can do, a woman can also do as well too. I also want to tell you that I’m an achiever because I don’t look back on anything I want to do.

As a representative of your constituency, how have you been able to stand your ground amidst the men when it’s decision making time?

I told you earlier that it’s very easy and let me be sincere with you, anytime we get to the gate of the House of Assembly, we all turn to men, I mean the whole five of us that are women because we don’t see ourselves as women anymore since we have thirty-five men in the house.

Considering what is going on in the country now, do you foresee a kind of free and fair election come 2011?

With God’s intervention it can happen. I do pray to God in my closet that God should bring peace to Nigeria and by the specially grace of Allah, God will descend in 2011 and he will come and be the INEC chairman, and take his place in every other position to be contested for. He’ll also choose by himself someone that will rule this country successfully and that is my prayer always.

Recently women have been advocating for their rights so as to also be recognized politically, do you think they can achieve this?

Yes, they will if they have good intentions God will surely answer their prayer.

Are you also in support of that cause?

I believe in the cause because women should also be given their rights too

When I came in, I saw the T-shirts that have your picture on it, permit me to ask whether you’re contesting again?

Thank you for asking me the question but if you’ve not seen the T-shirt on my people and probably we’re meeting at my office at Ikeja I wouldn’t have answered the question but now you’ve hooked me to a tight corner. Yes I’m coming back to the House of Representatives come 2011 Insha Allah.

What are those things you still want to get done that make you want to re- contest?

Thank you very much; it’s my people that requested for it. They made this T-shirt themselves because they want me to go back and I also believe I’m not done with what I proposed to do in the house of Assembly, else I would have contested for another post but I did not because I listen to my people (those that I represent) and my God.

What’s your take on the issue of some women who have held powerful post in Nigeria and at the end of the day they messed up themselves and shamed the entire womanhood?

Like I said, if it is God that sends you to go and represent you won’t look at the money and misbehave because you’re there for a purpose which you must perform beyond your people’s expectation. Some people only want to hold a post just to make money so as to oppress people, forgetting the fact that this life is only six feet and I believe we won’t go to heaven with anything. One thing I always tell God is that I don’t want much but all I want is for him to give me enough to satisfy the people in my area in my own little way. For those who have been messing up their seats, let’s leave them to God. We have bad eggs and the good ones but I’ll advise people not to emulate the bad eggs because life is so short, whether we spend 100 or 120 years you’ll still leave one day, so we need to do good so that our children can reap what we sow.

You always look so relaxed and beautiful on all occasions, can you share the secret with us?

It’s simply because I don’t take life very hard, I take it so simple, the little thing I have I prefer to share it among my people, even before I became an Honorable. When I have money I’ll let people know and we’ll spend it together and I always consult God, if he says it’s not yet my time I’ll wait for my own time. So let me attribute my look to rest of mind.

You attend parties a lot, how have you been creating time for this out of your very tight schedule?

That is part of my secret. I’m a socialite and whenever I’m invited to a party, I always try to attend except if I’m not in Nigeria. Sometimes I may have different parties in a day which I always try to attend even if it means spending little time at each of the parties. Like a Yoruba proverb, I hardly think much on any issue. I mean there’s a time for me to think and be serious about my job and there’s time for me to enjoy myself.

There have been rumours flying about town that the relationship between you and your husband has crashed, how true is this?

The relationship between me and my husband is very cordial. King Sunny Ade is not my husband, because somebody that I’ve been with for over thirty years is no more my husband, he’s my father, my brother and everything to me. I don’t know where they got the story from. Thank God you even saw us together at a party last week and that one is even small, I wish you were at Ondo where my mother in- law was buried. My husband and I relate with each other like brother and sister.

Can you describe the relationship between you and your husband’s other wives and what’s your position in his house?

I’m in a very good position in king Sunny Ade’s house and I want to tell you that King Sunny Ade loves everyone of us and you can never know who is the first or the last among us, including the children because all them call everyone of us mummy because that is the way my husband unites all of us.

What was his reaction when you were going into politics?

I was born into politics. My late mother was a top politician at Mushin, so politics was in my blood when I joined politics twenty years ago and one thing I’ll like to say about my husband is that he’s a man of progress, he does not debar you from whatever you want to do, if he likes it he will tell you and if he does not, he will also tell you and give you the necessary support, he may even go out of his way to help you pray over it and if it’s your way he will tell you and with his blessing you’ll surely make it.

Is that to say, King Sunny Ade is a spiritual person?

He is a spiritualist; he believes so much in prayer and I emulate him on that because I always put everything before God as I consult him always before I do anything and he has always answered me.

Can you tell us how true it is that your certificates are forged?

I think that one is by-gone now, but let me tell you the truth. I have a very genuine certificate. I have my primary and secondary education and I even went to a higher institution too. So I don’t know where they got the story from but I believe it’s a political set up. There’re some people in politics that love to spoil your political career unless if God is strongly behind you. Some people even went about saying that I was arrested but not even a Civil defense member has ever visited my house looking for me talk less of policemen, not even once. As for those behind such rumour, I leave God to judge them for whatever things they’re saying about me. I wish they know me in my school days, I can’t say I was very a rascal during my school days but I was well known because I started dating my husband while I was in secondary school. King Sunny Ade was using a Range Rover jeep then and he will always send his driver to pick me up in school and thank God the driver is still alive now and he’s still with my husband till now.

Can you tell us how it started because a thirty year journey is not an easy one?

It’s been very easy because I knew I’ll marry him right from when I was young.

Does that you mean you’d been nursing this thought after you met him or before?

Even before I met him, I had it in mind to marry him because I love his music and I also love his person, so since then I made up my mind to marry him.

What were your  parents’ reaction when you showed your interest to marry him?

My parents don’t discriminate because I’m also related to many tribes in the country, so there wasn’t much trouble except at the initial stage and it’s simply because they say he’s a musician and he’s married to many women but I don’t care about that, it is where I’m going that I always face.

So, is your husband also in support of your second term ambition?

Yes, he’s been always supportive.

What should the people in your constituency watch out for in your second term?

We are talking about continuity here but we all know that I’m a legislator and we only make laws and I don’t collect or give contracts but with the little power that God has given me, I’ll help my people because I’m there purposely because of them and the grassroots people will definitely enjoy a better life.

What’s your philosophy about life?

I said it earlier on, I take life very simple, and it’s just like a market place which we’ll all leave one day whether you like it or not.









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