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CBN Threatens To Sack More Bank Mds


sanusi lamido sausi

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, says it is worried by reports that some managing directors of banks were taking directives from former managing directors and key shareholders. The apex bank has, on this account threatened to remove managing directors of banks found to have allowed their predecessors and some key shareholders to meddle with the day to day running of such banks.
The action, CBN says, runs counter to the corporate governance reform it was currently pursuing.
The CBN in a memo noted that: “Board members and chief executive officers who are unable to assume full responsibility for their institutions assume the risk of not retaining this status. The corporate governance and other reforms of the banking sector have been instituted to ensure the sustainable growth of the sector and best-practice standards therein for the benefit of all stakeholders and the economy.


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Consensus Latest: Atiku Picked, Babangida dropped

Consensus Latest: Atiku Picked, Babangida dropped.

queen ure

Definitely, you know this light-skinned society lady but for the sake of first timers, let me do a short introduction. Queen Ure is the ex-wife of Nigeria’s one time musical sensation, Soul E. You remember the song, Soul E Baba De Here? He was once as hot as D’banj but what happened? He started having problems with the C.E.O of Collosal Records, the record label he was on but that is a gist for another day. The gist for today is how Queen Ure allegedly steals young men’s destinies through sexual intercourse. Her first known catch was Soul E. This lady who Pastor Kris Okotie warned him not to marry, also pastors a church, Christ Vile. According to the dirt my Kole Kole uncovered about her, she is a star hyjacker! This were exactly the words he used to describe her. When I tried prodding deeper, he said, all the people she has had sex with have all gone down. Who was Soul E before she met him, a big star right? he demanded. Who is he now after leaving her? A struggling artiste. For the records, my source is one of her workers who knows her in and out. According to him she loves them dark, clean and young. He further reveals that any boy she loves can not escape digging her hole within 14 days. He also revealed that another of her young lovers, Z-World has also gone down .To my shock, he said, the only lover she has had that never went down was Pastor Kris Okotie, on hearing the name, I was shocked. They had an affair before she married Soul E, he concluded.

Queen Ure With Soul E

Remember Pastor Kris warned against the marriage but Soul E never listened, now he knows that what an elder sees, sitting, a boy may not see standing.

Wunmi Obbey

For many of you who believe that True love can be viewed in the movies alone and cinemas, you might be very very far away from the truth.

A heart-to-hearth chart with Tunde and Wunmi Obbey whom many know as TWO have simply proved that there is true and unconditional love in existence.

Searchafrica crew paid a visit to them recently, and for over an hour we sat in their company, while they discussed about their marriage, music, why and how to build a successful home and many more secrets you have not heard about them before. Fasten your seat belt as we take into the world of ‘TWO’ Relax enjoy as you read on


What’ been happening to Tunde and Wunmi Obey of late?

We just released our album titled “TWO LEGIT” and presently we’re marketing and distributing it all over the country. That is basically what’s been happening to us now


So what has people’s reaction been like?

Over the years, we have always tried to maintain the international standard on all our albums, and as you can see the majority of our albums are packaged in the jewel box case. Normally we do release the two; I mean the paper jacket for the general market and the jewel box package for VIP’s l and the international market. But this time around we didn’t produce the paper package at all, this is 2010, Nigeria is 50, and we should have a change, people should pay for good music.

As a Nigerian, even you that you’re interviewing me will be ashamed when you go to South Africa and bring out that paper jacket and say this is done by my favorite Nigerian artiste, when they see Tu-face’s “Unstoppable” album anywhere in the world, it can be placed side-by-side with Usher, R-Kelly or any other Top American Musician any where in the world.That is where we should be.

Three of your videos are on air already and they are well, where do you derive the concept of your videos?

Like I always say; everybody can’t sleep with their heads facing the same direction, we all have to be different as artistes. Some people sing about love and romance and doing things to women and that is their identity but in our own case, we want to make people laugh and we want them to enjoy our music with their children at home, because we’re also parents. You can even sing our song in front of your pastor and he’ll not say  Ahh.. what is this? Our songs should be family friendly and acceptable internationally.


When our songs are being played on the speakers it should be something that everybody should be proud to identify with especially as Nigerians.

If you’re abroad and they play some Nigerian songs, you’ll be ashamed, not because the song or the beats are not good but when you hear what the guy is saying, you will feel bad.

You know people that advertise drinks, spend huge amount of money to run the adverts, but in Nigeria an artiste spends huge amount of money to shoot a video and in the content, he would be promoting foreign brands, who can never call them for shows or for endorsements, so why are we busy promoting Brandy, Champagne and what have you, why don’t you take your time to promote indigenous brands so that we’ll know that you’re promoting your own people. But we try to put a lot of humor in whatever we’re doing so that when you see our video among ten videos it’ll stand out and get your attention.

What were you trying to portray in your Zombie video, is it love or what?

Yes, and what TWO does basically is to think outside the box whenever we want to shoot any of our videos, we always want to do what no one else has done. …cuts in, you see When most people want to sing about love, you see them running after each other and hiding behind the tree, riding donkey, splashing ice cream at each other’s faces,  but we think there are so many other ways to show love, I mean people in the Barracks do love too and we thought of portraying love from another angle. (Tunde: Aabi soldiers no dey love?)


What informs your unique dress sense?

The identity of an artiste is his/her appearance. So we’ve always taken our time to look our best so that we don’t disappoint our fans who have been supporting us for over twenty years now. We just want them to feel like, yeah! Those are my people.

It’s also part of branding and the idea of wearing the same colour is just to let people know that we are “TWO” not one.

Let’s get personal a bit; do you really love your wife?

Tunde: No…, nodding his head, so all these while I’ve been pretending for over twenty years. Of course I love my wife with every fiber of my body. Even if you want me to tell everybody in the world that I love her, I will even do more than that.

Does she love you?

Tunde: She’s here nao,   why don’t you ask her you can ask her “sebi you asked me and I answer you.

WUNMI: Asko ooo! Well I love him. I love him so very much, he is my greatest companion.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to prove your love to him?

Wunmi: you people have come again ooo! In fact it’s too crazy for me to even say, it’s not for listening or reading sake. It’s my personal business. So please let’s leave it at that… nodding her head and hurdling her smile

Since both practice the same profession and sometimes you are out of town, how have you been taking care of the home front?

Tunde: thank God you’re asking me now because they used to ask her before. Well we don’t just do music, we do some other things aside music but music is what people know us for. We are typical Yoruba parents and because we have children that still need nurturing we try to spend quality time with them even though they are not kids anymore. The last one is over six years old and they’re getting used to their parents’ profession.

Most of the time when we go out we try as much as possible to come back that same day except we have to travel out of the country. Our children still enjoy our company a lot; we still help them with their home work and my wife still check their uniforms too. In fact we are typical parents.

Do you know of anything special that your wife really loves and can’t do with?

Tunde: For now I think it’s that Laptop ooo!, (laughs) she’s  always on line. I also know she can’t do without Jeans trousers, she has like thirty, forty pairs or thereabout only God knows how many she has but she’s an easy going person and quite easy to satisfy as a human being.

TWO has been together for over twenty years; can you tell us the major challenges you faced when were still starting life?

Initially the normal challenge is always finance but knowing where you’re going as a couple who understand each other because it’s very important, it was not as if when she saw me twenty two years ago, she already knew that I’m going to be great or we’re going to be great together and financially secured, but she believed in me and we’ve always planed together, even if it’s one person’s idea we both contribute and always remember it’s about the two of us. We still disagree sometimes, but I think when two people come together and pray over something it will always end up a happy story.

Your husband use to say he didn’t toast you before you both got married, before now did you also realize your relationship was heading towards marriage?

Not actually, it was a gradual, when we both met, we had a working relationship and it wasn’t something that we planned, but eventually we saw happening.

Still talking about relationship, where you in any relationship when you met your wife?

Tunde: we were not born on the same day. I’ve had girl friends before I met her. What happened to me at that time was that I was transiting from a relationship and it was a devastating relationship but I’ve not discussed it with anybody and at that time because we were singing on campus most girls know me, I was very popular but personally I was going through

Heart break that I didn’t share with her until when we became friends and I shared it with her and she had her own story to tell too, but it wasn’t like I was in a relationship when we met. We’re both single when we met.

While you were still on campus singing and even now did you by any means have to struggle with your husband female admirers?

Wunmi: basically I allow him to cope with that because I trust him I leave him to deal with the relationship. It’s not my headache, it’s his headache and he knows best how to handle them I don’t bug him on that.

That means you trust him that much?

Cuts in Tunde: That is another secret why marriage is so successful.

Come to think of:  if you’re a man and you’re cheating on your wife and the woman doesn’t complain or bother you and by the time you get home your food is already on the dinning table for to and makes provision for you to have your bath, you as a man will one day realize your wrongs and come to your senses. Because you will be forced to find put that your stress doesn’t come from your but from those ladies outside.

As for my wife, she does not even ask me such questions even sometimes when I come back home and narrate some stories to her we will both laugh over it, though I cant tell if she is jealous ooo, stressing it, In fact, ask her for me.

Wunmi: like he said, when he shows me some text messages I’ll just start laughing and sometimes I might simply say “who no like better thing”.

Can you run us through your educational background?

Tunde: my father was an Ambassador, so I schooled in a lot of countries in the world before I came back to Nigeria in 1978 after I lost my father and I went to Kings college before I got admission into Lagos state University where I studied Education related course and there also I met my wife.


Wunmi: I had my primary education in Grange before I proceeded to queens college and then to UNILAG where I met him.

Would you say your marriage has actually debarred you from attaining your highest height in life?

Wunmi: I’ll say my marriage has made me a better person and it’s probably the anchor on which my success is built because from the age of about twenty- one that I’ve been with him and by the time we got married at about age thirty something I was already  prepared on how to be responsible and by the time the children came we already knew what we want to achieve in life an every year we always plan how to run our things including our bank accounts, and we’ve always try to improve on our pasts because we’re so bonded. So everything I have I need to give kudos to the union; I mean our marriage and we’ve always done things together to make the best out of marriage even when we’re recording songs, we both work very hard.


So who write the songs between the two of you?

We both write, you can also check that out from our current album and that is why I say everybody should come together and do this type of album, it’s very important because it’ll make people know the details of that production because there will be enough space to write much details on this new jewel pack unlike the paper jacket where they’ll only write all songs written by somebody and there’s no proper credit given to the right people.

We both write songs and the good thing about it that we don’t just write songs but we also criticize each other, so most of the songs written by Tunde and Wunmi are songs written by either one of us, but we’ll look at it critically and change some lines and make the right corrections, so if you see her name first that means she wrote the song and I helped to develop the concept, but there are songs that I may just get the inspiration for and I don’t want it to be touched so also is Wunmi too.

What ignited your passion for music?

Music for mw is in-born. if you’re born with something and it’s in your soul you’ll know. You can look at people that are just pretenders and you’ll know it, it’s not about how well you dance or jump on stage but when someone grab a mic and stand before a crowd then you’ll know that the person can really do it even without him doing something special, you’ll know that men! This man is doing something real.

Wunmi: right from childhood, I guess it’s from listening to stars like Michael Jackson when he was young an I was very young too, so I just thought if this little boy can do it, then I can also do it, I can become a star too and that was how it started and my siblings used to have many records an I listened to all these and I think that ignited my passion for music.

You two are always together; do you have friends at all?

We’re not always together, it’s just that today happens to be our rehearsal day and we’re together with our band members. Most of the time she’s at work or the office; Copycat records or at the saloon doing one thing or the other but we’re not always together despite that we’re each others best friend we also have a lot of friends, our publicist, our manager , our band members are all our friends even outside the working relationship.

As a mother in the house how do you handle monetary tension at home?

Wunmi: we equally have much understanding and compromise and when we play our shows, he does not cheat me; I’m paid according to what I do but at the same time I can use part of my share to get the necessary supply at home. Also because we’re both kind of independent because we get income from our different businesses that we do. He also contributes as much as I do, so nobody is having a miserly attitude. There’s no quarrel because each person lives up to his or her responsibilities.

Tunde: For the fact that we’ve been together when we don’t have anything, I don’t think money can cause an issue now. We both work an contribute to the home front and like she knows, the last kobo in my pocket belongs to her because when you were with somebody when there was nothing so why should money be an issue for us?  we both work hard and when the money comes we both make use of it.

Piracy has taken over the Nigerian music industry what’s your take on that?

Like I said earlier about the new package, that’s why we all need to produce our album like that,  because if someone wants to pirate this type he’ll be spending millions just to print a few copies and we’re printing fifty thousand or more than, depending on the demands. There is also need for cooperation among artist, If we all hit them at once, they will leave the business because they can’t afford to loose huge amount of money. The paper jacket is too cheap for them to produce and that’s why they are pirating it and the good thing about this jewel box, is that even if it is pirated, he ‘the pirate’ is also going to get money from it too

And will that help the industry?

Yes, it will and I might not even make as much profit as they’ll make because my own profit is spread because I’ll have to pay marketers and the likes but if a pirate sells Tunde/Wunmi Obbey’s album and other people’s album they’ll definitely make more than I’ll make and it’s better for everybody rather than this N150 thing that they are selling all about.

What do you think the government can do to help eradicate pirates?

The first thing they can do is to equip the NCC, the truth is that this people can be stopped with a lot of aggression, CD’s can only be sold in few places not something that they sell about like pure water which you can see everywhere. Here we’re talking of the real place where the units are moved from, not those ones on the street that will have just thirty copies on a board, they must make sure this people are consistent because nobody want to do an illegal work and if everyday they are going to arrest and raid their shops, one day they’ll seat down and ask themselves:  what will it cost me to make this business legal?. Why don’t I just do the right thing

Who are artistes that TWO will like to do collaborations with?

Someone asked me the same question recently about our latest album which we titled TWO LEGIT  and we actually did it because so many people have been saying that we’re retired and we’re going back to television full time. Fine we have that intention but  that  wasn’t the truth. And that was why we quickly answered them with zombie and Fine Bara  for them to know that we’re still very much on ground and physically we’re tight but for the next album which might be a whole basket of collaboration, there’re quit a lot of people that we might love to work with. Tu face is there, MI

Wunmi: so many young artistes that we love to work with, J-Martins and anybody that is willing.

Nigeria is fifty, what can you say about the race so far?

Na wa o! They just collected 190 something million from somebody and it makes a lot of us think like why are we even working or struggling self. It’s upsetting to me that we live in a country that is so endowed and things could really get better. A lot of people love governor Fashola but he’s not a saint but look at what he’s done in Lagos state in just few years, look at Oshodi which a lot of people think it can’t   be reformed that it’s political suicide but go and look at that place today. We’re not even saying that the leaders should not steal money because we know that is impossible but what we’re saying is that they should steal little so that you can leave a mark. one will also wonder when you see a man of eighty something years old still looting money like a twenty-one years old boy as if he’s going to live for another 50years, this are people who think they’ll never die, meanwhile you can’t eat more than six times in a day and you can only move in one car, sleep in one bed otherwise, people will even tap you and say Ogbeni, don’t kill your self O.

We could be a lot better, you know we run generators at home, in the office an practically everywhere and this takes much of our income, what we can simply use to help people that are coming behind us is being spent on such things. Let’s stop talking about seven point agenda, let’s even start with one. We’re not yet there and we still see the same set of people running for electoral post though the only person that is new now is Nuhu Ribadu and we don’t have any choice than to give him our support.

Can you imagine somebody that has ruled this country for eight years coming back again to say he wants to run again in 2011, what does he want and what’s he looking for? He must have forgotten something there, as for me and a lot of Nigerian out there, it’s very frustrating. The most brilliant among Nigerians are all abroad and if you travel and see what they are doing, you’re going to shed tears for this country because they ought to be contributing to our nation economically but they are doing it elsewhere because they are not appreciated here. Look at all the basket cases that we have that called themselves our leaders, some of them don’t even have School Certs, and even  their certificates are forged, this are people who don’t have personal achievements, everything they have is through politics and power.

What advice do you have for intending couples?

Wunmi: In summary, let’s say a lot of people go into marriage simply because they are expecting too much from their lovers. First you must go into marriage with the believe that the other person is different from you because you’re not from the same background so you’re going to be different and you have to cope with those differences, don’t also think the person is going to change to suit you, it is you that will have to adapt to the person and that is what marriage is all about if you know you can’t cope, don’t do it at all. You also have to make up your mind not to run at every instance of trouble, because things might change and you have to prepare yourself. There’s a lot of cultural change that you have to adapt to if you want that marriage to work. You need to be tolerant and have the fear of God; you don’t commit yourself in his presence and still want to rubbish it by putting yourself asunder because God has joined you together, so you think twice before you do so many things.

Tunde: marry your friend; marry someone you can talk to because if the love fades the friendship will still be there.   Mind you, all the beauty, all the physical attraction will fade but the friendship will not fade.

Interview by Desmond Chyke and Titilope Adeniregun



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Island big boys scramble for Tonto Dike’s Bear it all sex Video.

Tontyo Dike

Super rich big boys on the island are searching frantically for the bare-it-all sex video of Nollywood star actress, Tonto Dike.

According to sources they are willing to pay as much as ten thousand naira each for a copy of the sex video for which so much has been written recently.

 Said a video shop owner in Victoria Island,

“A lot of big men have been coming to ask for the video both from me and other people who sell. We have gone to Alaba to ask them to produce it for us but up till now na story we dey hear”.

 A video shop owner in Ajah told us “I have this particular oga, who comes here to inquire if I have bought the video for him every evening, he has said he will pay me ten thousand naira if I can get it”.

According to our sources most island big boys who have been fantasizing about the busty and light skinned actress believe they can have a taste of her through this video.

 Those who have watched the movie,  simply described it as bare-it-all. But what baffles me is Tonto’s reaction over the sex movie saga, a close friend of Tonto Dike who visited her recently to lambast her for bringing shame to her friends we learnt received the shock of her life when Tonto told her ‘Fuck  you’ according to the friend,  Tonto does not give a damn about what people feel about the movie’.

 Hear her,

 “Its my life and I can live it the way I want to no body detriment”.

 The movie was produced by a Ghananian and shot in lagos . sources say he has made over $250,000 from the


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